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Episcopal High School Traditional Schoolhouse Chairs

Working with Centerbrook Architects of Connecticut, Episcopal High School of Richmond, VA has chosen our classic Oberlin chair featuring traditional schoolhouse chair design for the Harkness discussion style classrooms in their new building. This chair was designed in 2002 for Oberlin College, and has proven... Read More

oberlin chairs

Cornell University 5th Chair Order

We are proud to have built Cornell University 5 orders of Eustis Chairs. Cornell University placed their first order for Oberlin college chairs in 2004, and have followed with orders in 2005, 2006, 2007, and now 2011. With 300 chairs now in service, they still tell us, "nobody... Read More

Oberlin Chair

Cornell Orders Oberlin Classroom Chairs

Cornell University chose the Oberlin Chair three years ago for a phased replacement of its crumbling classroom chairs. Facilities Manager Henry Crans is very pleased with the performance of the first two orders, and doubled his order this year to 100 chairs.... Read More

Oberlin chairs

Cornell University Class Room Chairs

Cornell University's College of Arts and Sciences today ordered 50 Oberlin Chairs for use in a few of their classroom chairs. This is a first for Eustis Chair, as many college administrators don't feel they can afford the quality of a Eustis Chair in their... Read More