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library renovation

Oldest US Law Library

 Library Renovation The 200 year-old Jenkins Law Library is located in Philadelphia, PA. In fact, it is  just three blocks from Independence Hall. Near the final stages of an interior library renovation, Library Director Regina Smith sat in scores of chairs before making a decision. Of... Read More

Custom Chairs

City of Jacksonville

Custom Chairs The city of Jacksonville issued its PO today for 638 custom chairs. The chairs are for its new Jacksonville Main Branch Library. The city of Jacksonville reached out to us with an exciting renovation project, The introduced us to their  NYC based architect, Robert... Read More

hardwood library chair

Charleston Chair Attracts More Library Chair Buyers

Hardwood Library Chair There is no doubt about it, Eustis Chair makes elegant hardwood library chairs. In February, a large college library selected the graceful Charleston Chair by Eustis Chair. We had a great installation on the campus. This week we also installed Charleston chairs in the... Read More

stacking chairs

Custom Spanish Revival Stacking Chair

Stacking Chairs University of California, Berkeley is an impressive institution which started in 1868. Berkeley is probably best known for their contributions to the Free Speech movement. What you might not know is this is also the school that invented wetsuits and a cure for Malaria.... Read More

contemporary library chairs

Library Chairs

Contemporary Library Chairs Today Spring Hill College ordered 213 Charleston Chairs. Eustis Chair makes these beautiful contemporary library chairs. This order for new library chairs will go into a library on the campus. This project is expected to finish in early July of this year. The... Read More

classroom chairs

Cornell University Class Room Chairs

Classroom Chairs Cornell University is impressive! After all, they are an Ivy League institution. Only seven other universities can say that. The accolades and discoveries from Cornell are numerous. Just take a list of the notable alumni. You will see some very recognizable names on there... Read More

new dining hall chair

Westlake Academy Charter School Dining Hall Chair

New Dining Hall Chair Westlake Academy Charter School is in Westlake, Texas. Their very first school held classes today. The school admits students from grades 1-6. They recently built this brand new Charter School in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. They worked with New York... Read More

library seating

Medford Oregon Public Library Chairs

Library Seating   Jackson County Library Services of Oregon contacted Eustis Chair. Today they issued the purchase order to buy chairs from Eustis Chair. These chairs will go into the Medford Library. In fact, they ordered 314 custom hardwood chairs. Eustis Chair makes these chairs with the... Read More

Ivy League Arm Chair

Harvard Adams House Orders Ivy League Chair

Ivy League Arm Chair Eustis Chair enjoys partnering with Harvard University for different chair projects. Harvard University hardly needs an introduction. Most Americans know it as the oldest university in the United States. However, it does not end there. Harvard University has a global reach as... Read More

custom chair

Southern Oregon University Chooses Eustis Custom Chair

Southern Oregon University is amazing. Ashland, Oregon is truly a magical place. In fact, the town is a finalist for best town in America! There is a rich history of tourism in the area. The Rogue Valley presents numerous entertainment options. The outdoor experiences are... Read More