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neoclassical chairs

Elegant Neo-Classical Chairs for all Venues

Neoclassical Chairs for Buildings Nationwide At Eustis Chair, we create furniture best tailored for your high-use space. Our line has a variety of models customized for certain architectural styles. Therefore, we’d like to highlight these styles. Similarly, we hope this guide will be a starting point... Read More

grill room seating

Duquesne Club Orders Eustis Chairs

Grill Room Seating The Duquesne Club is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They first purchased Eustis Chair Grill Room seating in 2013 for one of their dining room spaces. What is a grill room? grillroom[ gril-room, -roo m ] noun a restaurant or dining room, as in a hotel, that specializes in serving grilled meat and fish. Our... Read More

Wood Dining Chair

Duquesne Club

Wood Dining Chair Private clubs are a core component of our business. We live for the photos of the club renovation's final product. Furthermore, one of the reasons we love private clubs so much is their dining facilities. Clubs are always working to upgrade their facilities.... Read More