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residential wood chair

Saint Michael’s Chair

Brand New Saint Michael's Residential Wood Chair in Saint Michael's Villa We worked with Robert A.M. Stern Architects in New York to create our brand new Saint Michael's chair. In fact, we created the chair specifically for Sterns' client, St. Michael's Villa's residential spaces. Our longtime... Read More

grill room seating

Duquesne Club Orders Eustis Chairs

Grill Room Seating The Duquesne Club is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They first purchased Eustis Chair Grill Room seating in 2013 for one of their dining room spaces. What is a grill room? grillroom[ gril-room, -roo m ] noun a restaurant or dining room, as in a hotel, that specializes in serving grilled meat and fish. Our... Read More

wood reading chairs

University of Pittsburgh Law Library

Wood Reading Chairs We worked with the University of Pittsburgh in their recent renovation project. The renovation was decided to upgrade their Barco Law Library. The University of Pittsburgh's Barco Law Library has over 300 wood study and wood reading chairs. The previous chairs were in... Read More

hardwood Arm chairs

Penn Law School

Hardwood Arm Chairs By name, law schools are some of the most prestigious institutions in the United States. When you think of 'law school' you can't help but think of thick textbooks and traditional vaulted ceilings. You also think of fine woodworking and traditional furniture.  The Law... Read More

stacking chair

Funeral Home Chooses Eustis Stacking Chair

Stacking Chair It's not often that we get to work with funeral homes. But when we do, we love seeing the result. Modern funeral homes are now making the switch from pews to elegant wood chairs. Why? Aside from pews being generally out of date, they... Read More

Eustis stacking chairs

Toll Brothers Liseter Clubhouse

Eustis Stacking Chairs We installed our Eustis Stacking Chairs in our Regency Monroe luxury home development.    Toll Brothers and Interior Designers, Mary Cook Associates, designed this project. They came back to Eustis Chair for chairs at the new luxury home community Clubhouse. The community clubhouse is located at Liseter located in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Furthermore,...