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wood caster chairs

Durable Casters

Wood Caster Chairs When you need durable wooden chairs for high use areas, details matter.  We focus our attention on design. We want to make sure every part of your chairs are perfect for your space. From the chair joints, down to our optional castors, they... Read More

collegiate Gothic style chairs

Wooden Chairs Create Beautiful Spaces

Collegiate Gothic Style Chairs There no fair substitution for a beautiful wooden chair. Furthermore, wood chairs are by far the classiest seating an institution can put in any venue. Can you imagine a beautiful space like Harvard University's Memorial Hall Dining Hall without wooden chairs? We... Read More

Stacking Upholstered Chairs

A Chair With Three Lives

Stacking Upholstered Chairs Our chairs are so durable that they often last a lifetime! Say goodbye to replacing your hardwood chairs every 5 years. Our superior, patented joinery allows for extreme durability. In addition, all of our chairs come with a 20 year warranty! Because our... Read More

chair warranty

Eustis Chair Warranty

Durable Wooden Chairs Buyer beware! Not all chair warranties are created equal. Read the fine print of your warranty before you buy new wood chairs. Many hardwood chair companies offer only a few year warranties on their chairs. Not us! we offer a 20 year warranty... Read More

sustainable hardwood chairs

Sustainable Wood Chairs By Design

Sustainable Hardwood Chairs Every Eustis Chair is designed and manufactured to be the most durable. Therefore, our chairs are the most sustainable hardwood chairs available. You can rely on Eustis Chairs to hold up for decades of heavy use. We manufacture our chairs for the wear... Read More

Boise hardwood chair

Belmont Hill School

Harkness Chair The Harkness method has become extremely popular among boarding schools across the United States. The Harkenss style emphasizes unified, collaborative work among students and staff. Furthermore, this method is growing and is employed at many boarding schools. Therefore, Harkness tables were created to encourage... Read More

wood library chairs

Chatham Hall Lee

Wood Library Chairs Chatham Hall hired Eustis Chair and Shepley Bulfinch Architects to work on a brand new collaboration. The Project aimed to transform their Lee Library into vibrant new learning commons. Furthermore, the renovation allows for collaborative research, studying, and learning. We are proud to... Read More

stacking hardwood chairs

Canadian Funeral Chairs

Chapel Chairs Recently, chapels across the US (and Canada!) are starting to upgrade their chapels. Chapels are getting rid of their traditions pews and ordering wooden stacking chairs. Why? Stacking chairs provide ease in storage, set up, and take down for events. Hardwood chairs also provide... Read More