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the cross campus

The Cross Campus

The elegant Cross Campus chair, designed for Yale University, was one of our first wood tablet chair designs. This type of chair is also commonly known as a tablet desk or tablet arm desk. There chairs are often spotted in classrooms, schools, libraries, and academic...

social distancing

How are teachers arranging classrooms for social distancing?

New Year, New Challenges: Advice From a Certified Teacher As the school year quickly approaches, school districts are in the midst of finalizing their plans for the year. Many schools are being asked to create different classroom arrangements for social distancing....

cross campus chair

The Cross Campus

Chicago-based architects HBRA reached out to Eustis Chair. HBRA had a vision. They wanted to work with Eustis Chair with to build a custom chair for the Bass/Cross Campus Library. This library is located on the campus of notable Ivy League school, Yale University. Aric...

Harkness Chair

Adapting Your Classroom to Social Distancing

The COVID-19 pandemic effectively put our nation (and most of the world) at a standstill. As schools, libraries, and colleges plan to reopen, it is important to think about the seating arrangements in shared spaces.  With added social distancing restrictions, discussions in classroom spaces could become...

Boise Stacking Chair by Eustis Chair

The Boise

The Boise chair incorporates some of the design features of the Eustis Chair Jenkins and Westlake chairs. However, it is a brand new design for a contemporary space. The wide, singular back splat provides an interesting visual effect for modern tastes and comfort. Libraries and classrooms that want...

harkness chair

The Harkness Chair

The Harkness is a classic style of chair. It has elements of a Windsor chair, a very traditional design. The Harkness chair was first designed for Philips Exeter Academy. Furthermore, the Harkness learning style was first invented as a collaborative classroom space. The style highlighted...