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antique reproduction chairs

Antique Reproduction Chairs

Eustis Chair Manufactures New Antique Reproduction Chairs for Recent Restoration of New York Public Library Rose Reading Room The New York Public Library is a beautiful library. It has a prime location on West 40th Street. A $317 million project to restore the library began in... Read More

university study room chairs

Villanova Study Chairs

Villanova’s New Residential University Study Room Chairs After 9 years in the making, Villanova recently completed it $225 million residential hall project for university students. At this point, the renovation aimed to sustain the universities collegiate gothic style. It was meant to capture Villanova’s style and... Read More

durable wood chair

Lithgow Public Library

Lithgow Library's Durable Wood Chair Libraries need facilities that will serve their community for as long as possible. Lithgow Public Library in Augusta, Maine purchased of 80 Skillman chairs in 2016. Lithgow Public Library is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as an established... Read More

library arm chairs

Coronado Public Library Chairs

Coronado Public Library Arm Chairs It's no surprise that the Coronado Public Library lives up to its name. The name Coronado is Spanish for "the crowned one". It it is famous as its coveted peninsula location in San Diego Bay. The library was founded the same... Read More

Library and Study Chairs

Redmond Library’s New Chairs

Library and Study Chairs We love a good library project. In addition, we love working with public libraries. Here at Eustis Chair, we support education and learning always. Libraries are also a large part of our business. Projects involving renovations in libraries are a large reason... Read More

study room chair

Saint Ignatius College Prep Study Hall

Study Room Chair: Saint Ignatius College Prep Study Hall Saint Ignatius is in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in 1870, Saint Ignatius College Prep values tradition. It is a Jesuit Catholic school. In fact, it is Chicago's first Jesuit school! The school serves over 1400 students from 160... Read More

Staint Marks Chair

University of Delaware Daugherty Hall Study Chairs

 Study Chair How many times were you told as a child to not lean back in your chair? We're assuming a lot. Why? leaning back in your chair puts a ton of pressure on the joints. Most chair manufactures use mortise and tenon joints. Furthermore, this... Read More

Wood Slat Chairs

Camden Public Library

Wood Slat Chairs We are experts in making wood chairs for every venue and occasion. Our team of experts and craftspeople are always happy guide you towards your chair dreams. Every chair is completely customizable down to the model, wood species, stain, and even upholstery. However,... Read More

Wooden Reading Room Chair

College of the Holy Cross

Wooden Reading Room Chair Compared to plastic and metal, wooden chairs are by far the most comfortable. Wooden chairs also provide rigid yet soft back support sculpted to the human body. In addition, all of our hardwood chairs are completely customizable. It is always our priority... Read More