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How Many Eustis Chairs Fit in a Closet?

Hardwood Stacked Chairs One of the benefits of our hardwood stacked chairs is new storage capabilities. Our chairs will take up much less space than average. To fully test this, we decided to see how many of our chairs will fit within a 9 ft by... Read More

chair joints

Joints Matter for Institutional Use

Chair Joints: For strong chairs, look at the joints. There are several types of wood joints that are in use today. Almost none can guarantee strong chair joints that will never wobble. Our biggest difference from the competition is our proprietary Eustis Joint. The Eustis Joint... Read More

beech hardwood chairs

Rutgers Pharmacy School

Beech Hardwood Chairs Eustis Chair crafts custom hardwood chairs for many markets. Recently, Rutgers University contacted us. Basically, Rutgers loves our durable chairs designed to last a lifetime. When they were ready to order chairs for the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, they knew who to... Read More

Yale University Dining Chairs

Davenport Dining Hall

Yale University Dining Chairs Davenport Dining Hall is located at Yale University. Accordingly, the room is designed in the typical Georgian style. For example, the building has a Gothic facade with elegant interior wood paneling. The Waterford chandeliers look amazing under the white, round, vaulted ceiling.... Read More

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Eustis Chair Warranty

Durable Wooden Chairs Buyer beware! Not all chair warranties are created equal. Read the fine print of your warranty before you buy new wood chairs. Many hardwood chair companies offer only a few year warranties on their chairs. Not us! we offer a 20 year warranty... Read More

Public Library Chairs

Bellevue Library Renovation

Public Library Chairs Public library chairs are a core part of our business. Libraries from across the nation come to us with renovation projects. They seek wooden chairs that are not only beautiful, but also extremely durable. Many libraries also opt to go with stacking chairs... Read More

wood folding chair

Durable Folding Wood Chair

Durable Folding Wood Chair A folding wood chair? Bet you never saw this one coming! I'm sure by now you know that we specialize in extremely durable, elegant, stacking and non stacking wooden chairs. We focus on beautiful hardwood furniture that stands the test of time.... Read More

hardwood task chair

Durable Hardwood Task Chair

Task Chair for Public Library Chairs are an important part of a library. For instance, libraries are known for being busy, high-use structures. In other words, libraries need chairs that can stand the test of time.  Library patrons like to spend time researching, reading, and computing.... Read More

traditional hardwood stacking chair

Marist Student Center

Traditional Hardwood Stacking Chair College and university renovations are some of our best clients. We specialize heavily in chair for high uses spaces. In fact, our chairs are specifically designed for lasting use for 2 reason. First and foremost, we have the strongest joinery on the... Read More

Custom Replica Chairs

Rice University

Custom Replica Chairs Every one of our chairs is custom made. What does that mean? We make every single order exactly the way you want it. In fact, we make everything from the model, hardwood, stain, and upholstery to match your institution's needs. We are also... Read More