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stacking hardwood chairs

Our Top Stacking Hardwood Chairs

The best wood stacking chairs on the market Half of our line is made up of stacking hardwood chairs, a wildly popular choice for our clients nationwide. (The rest of our line can be built to stack too!) This way, your institution can embrace both the... Read More

virtual tours

See Eustis Chairs in Action With Virtual Tours

Inspect a high quality wood Eustis Chair from the comfort of your home. Have you ever wanted to go beyond our photo installations and take a tour yourself? Thanks to the wonders of technology, now you can with virtual tours! Our seating is found in a... Read More

sustainable wood chair

Sustainable Chairs

Sustainable Library Chairs   In 2017, the Joan Weill Adirondack Library at Paul Smith's College in upstate New York received 60 Charleston chairs. These chairs replaced their previous seating. Paul Smith's is one of the finest college libraries in the Northeast. It serves as a regional information... Read More

library arm chairs

Coronado Public Library Chairs

Library Arm Chairs It's no surprise that the Coronado Public Library lives up to its name. The name Coronado is Spanish for "the crowned one". It it is famous as its coveted peninsula location in San Diego Bay. The library was founded the same year as... Read More

wood reading chairs

University of Pittsburgh Law Library

Wood Reading Chairs We worked with the University of Pittsburgh in their recent renovation project. The renovation was decided to upgrade their Barco Law Library. The University of Pittsburgh's Barco Law Library has over 300 wood study and wood reading chairs. The previous chairs were in... Read More

wood restaurant chair

The New Woodshed Restaurant

Wood Restaurant Chair The Woodshed Restaurant recently came to us with an exciting renovation project. We do not typically receive requests for restaurant chairs. In fact, we've only had a handful throughout out company's history! However, when we receive requests for high quality wood restaurant chairs,... Read More

Charleston Chair

Eustis Charleston Chair

Charleston Chair Wins Gold Eustis Chair is honored to have our Charleston Chair awarded with a Gold Medal for library chairs. The award was presented by the 2016 Modern Library Awards. Judges praised our chair for its beautiful looks, and durability. Our chair was built for high... Read More

Dining Hall Chairs

Skidmore College

Dining Hall Chairs Let us paint a picture. You walk into a beautiful dining hall in a collegiate gothic style and what do you see? Plastic and metal chairs! Not acceptable. Who wants to sit on cold hard plastic? We'd rather sit in in a comfortable... Read More

Durable Chairs

Spain Chooses Durable Chairs

Durable Chairs Eustis chair is a Boston based company. Historically speaking, most of our installations have been to Unite States based libraries, private clubs, and universities. However, we recently completed an installation to Canada, which was our first 'international order'. Furthermore, To us, international countries seeing... Read More

wood library chair

Maricopa County Chair

Wood Library Chair Library renovations are a core part of our business. Why? Because every good library needs comfortable yet durable seating. What's better than curling up with a good book in a comfortable chair? Furthermore, libraries are some of the highest use spaces. Chairs with... Read More